How We Work

Land Promoter is a service that matches up UK landowners who have land that would increase in value with planning for residential development with an experienced, professional land promoter who will work with you to obtain planning permission, advertise your land and achieve the best sale price for your land. Agreeing land promotion terms with Land Promoter will save you time, money and effort as we will take care of all the hard work and costs that come when you look to sell your land.

We will work closely with you to consider the potential of your land and make the key decisions to achieve the planning permission needed to present your land to market and secure the best sale possible. Development work in your local area may have alerted you to the fact that the land you own is sought after. Even if you’ve unsuccessfully tried to obtain planning permission in the past our experienced expert land promoters may be able to help.

Here’s how Land Promoter works in order to sell your land:

  • To submit your land for consideration firstly contact us via the Promote My Land page.
  • In as much detail as possible tell us about your land for sale and its current standing. Have you had any previous options on the land? Has a developer contacted you directly?
  • A friendly Land Promoter team member will then be in touch as soon as possible to confirm that we will be engaging our experts to consider your land
  • Taking into consideration factors such as your location, sustainability and timescale you will be assigned the best person to help you sell your land from our expert pool of UK based Land Promoters.
  • Your land promoter partner will meet with you in person and conduct all the necessary basic assessments to form a planning report. This will involve looking at the land’s constraints, access, flood risk, greenbelt, market demand and any specific planning policies in the area to see if planning permission will be available on that site.
  • Your planning report will determine prospect and timeframe and from this a land promotion agreement will be offered and drawn up. This legally binding agreement will be the terms of your partnership and the percentage of sale price split between the landowner and promoter upon a successful sale of your land. Quite often promoters will cover a landowner’s legal costs or they will be refundable on sale.
  • Throughout the process you will receive regular updates from your land promoter and they will involve you in joint discussions as you progress to a successful purchase on your land for sale.