Promote My Land For Development

If you are a UK landowner with land development potential Land Promoter can partner with you to obtain planning permission, promote your land to the market for development and sell your land.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about selling your land for a long time or perhaps you have noticed an increase in development work in you area which has give you an inkling that you own a site with development potential; at Land Promoter we can work with you to decide if now is the right time to sell your land. Even if you’ve unsuccessfully tried to obtain planning permission in the past our experienced expert land promoters may be able to help. Fill out the form below and we will consider your land for promotion and discuss the prospect of a land promotion agreement on your land for sale.

By entering into a land promotion agreement you will be partnering with a committed land promoter who will put in the time, effort and money it takes to organise all the reports and necessary assessments to secure planning permission on your land for development. Your land promoter will:

  • Have expertise and a proven success in securing planning permission and selling land for development.
  • Work with the best in the industry to carry out the transport, ecology and technical assessments which are necessary to achieve planning permission.
  • Commit the time it takes. Preparing land for development and securing planning permission is a lengthy process.
  • Cover costs. Our land promoters will take care of upfront costs involved in return for an agreed share of the successful sale price.

Along with planning permission, selling land for development involves reports, groundwork, negotiations, public consultations, surveys, and architecture work. Each piece of land for sale needs specific attention depending on its circumstance and location, our professional land promoters will be able to interpret all the relevant planning policies, engage top quality planning consultants and good architects to make your case with well designed schemes –
why not let Land Promoter take care of all of all the hard work involved in promoting your land for you?

If you’re ready to find out if it’s time to promote your land fill in the form, providing as much detail as possible about the current status of your land.

To bring  your land to our attention please provide the following details;